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  • Urbanistas is Founded in London, May 2012

    Urbanistas was founded in London by Liane Hartley. Despite encountering hundreds of talented and entrepreneurial women over the course of her career, that she considered as innovators and exciting practitioners in her field, she noticed that their work and ideas remained largely hidden. She hardly read about them, heard about them, or heard them speak. She wanted to change that. She invited a group of these amazing and like-minded women to come together to share their passion for cities and ideas for making them better for everyone. Ten years on, and Urbanistas is still a platform for women to help other women and we have grown with chapters across the UK, US, Europe and Australia.
  • Urbanistas Sydney Launches, September 2014

    Urbanistas launched a Sydney Chapter on 12th September 2014.
  • Urbanistas Cardiff Launches, November 2014

    Urbanistas launched a Cardiff Chapter on 12th November 2014.
  • Urbanistas NE Launches, January 2015

    Urbanistas launched a North East Chapter on 29th January 2015.
  • Urbanistas Bristol Launches, April 2015

    Urbanistas launched a Bristol Chapter on 27th April 2015.
  • Urbanistas Rotterdam Launches, November 2018

    Urbanistas launched a Rotterdam Chapter on 6th November 2018.
  • Urbanistas NW Launches, May 2019

    Urbanistas launched a North West Chapter on 16th May 2019.
  • Urbanistas Brisbane Launches in June 2019

    Urbanistas launched a Brisbane Chapter on 30th June 2019.
  • Urbanistas Melbourne Launches in June 2021

    Urbanistas launched a Brisbane Chapter on 2nd June 2021.
  • Celebrating our 10th Birthday!

    May 2022




    May 2022

    We were delighted to celebrate our 10th birthday with Urbanistas everywhere on 18th May 2022.